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theoretic in a sentence

31. He who is theoretic as well as practical, is therefore doubly armed;

32. Tait (2005) gives a game-theoretic interpretation of Gentzen's method.

33. The proof uses the above-mentioned, proof-theoretic Herbrand's theorem.

34. In the category-theoretic jargon, everything is entirely natural.

35. A list of order-theoretic terms can be found in the order theory glossary.

36. It was later superseded by the measure-theoretic approach of Kolmogorov.

37. A decision theoretic approach to relationships is covered in the book.

38. He has also been active in the theory of proof-theoretic ordinals.

39. It is convenient to phrase the problem in graph-theoretic language.

40. Its ambition is to redevelop logic from a game-theoretic semantics.

41. The question can be phrased in graph theoretic terms as follows.

42. Kenkichi Iwasawa also provided an Iwasawa-theoretic reflection theorem.

43. His research interests centered on group theoretic methods in physics.

44. However, information theoretic security cannot always be achieved;

45. Soon, he began applying his gauge-theoretic expertise to pure mathematics.

46. however, the actual data representation is in set-theoretic form.

47. Thus any information-theoretic inequality implies a group-theoretic one.

48. The field-theoretic manifestation of the sign problem is discussed below.

49. Achieving knowledge: A virtue-theoretic account of epistemic normativity.

50. These do not have a ring-theoretic analogue in the noncommutative setting;

51. Bhaduri declared the death of model-theoretic formularized criticism.

52. Bracken introduced a field theoretic approach to process metaphysics.

53. The QED vacuum is the field-theoretic vacuum of quantum electrodynamics.

54. Another field-theoretic vacuum is the QCD vacuum of the Standard Model.

55. It increases the proof-theoretic strength of type theory substantially.

56. A metaoperational-theoretic approach places focus on speaker strategy.

57. In legal theoretic literature, legal syllogism is controversial.

58. for the module-theoretic terminology, see also glossary of module theory.

59. These critical theoretic observations have many interesting consequences.

60. The theoretic distributions of the geomorphic factors are selected.