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theoretic in a sentence

1. The Greeks distinguished theoretic from problematic analysis.

2. A theoretic analysis is of the following kind.

3. It has both a model-theoretic semantics and a procedural one.

4. This is the recursion-theoretic branch of learning theory.

5. In graph theoretic terms, a link farm is a clique.

6. Avempace’s theoretic system sketched out all reality.

7. i.e. the 'theoretic' or contemplative life.

8. Incidence structures of this type are called set-theoretic.

9. In mathematics, Property B is a certain set theoretic property.

10. And more recently Christopher gave a partition-theoretic proof.

11. They form a category-theoretic analog of universal algebra.

12. Its theoretic energy density was 19 Wh per liter.

13. The sheaf-theoretic version is due to Hirzebruch.

14. It is a graph-theoretic analog to a sphere centered at a point.

15. this is in accordance with theoretic expectation.

16. In set theoretic terms they are referred to as qualified sets.

17. RIF-BLD has a model-theoretic semantics.

18. Certain Number Theoretic Episodes in Algebra.

19. CN is an information-theoretic measure;

20. this is a graph-theoretic interpretation of the permanent.

21. and a utility-theoretic solution of the Two Envelopes Paradox.

22. A Virtue-Theoretic Account of Epistemic Normativity.

23. This generates a set-theoretic falsehood.

24. It is a nice mix of graph-theoretic and topological ideas."

25. It is the field-theoretic analogue of Lagrangian mechanics.

26. and the role of game theoretic strategic behavior.

27. Its theoretic energy density was 19 Wh per liter.

28. From theoretic say, maybe so.

29. They have different theoretic values and social functions.

30. Neijing; future medicine; medical model; theoretic exploration;