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No. sentence
1 The couple tore themselves away from London.
2 Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
3 They roused themselves up to action under his leadership.
4 like some of their course assignments, they come up with the idea, design it, implement it, and test it — everything, from start to finish, all by themselves, or with a few friends.
5 They quarreled among themselves.
6 They've eaten their lunch for themselves.
7 But you can't really suggest one for them - they have to come up with it themselves.
8 They buy jewelry and clothes for themselves with images of cats on them.
9 By themselves, the RAID device names tell us nothing about their type.
10 So many children who commit violent crimes have themselves been brutalized by years of abuse and neglect.
11 They design and build it themselves.
12 But while you may grumble in the privacy of your armchair, the journalists who hold the mirror up to you do so publicly and at great risk to themselves.
13 These events in themselves provide good flexibility as to when to generate each of the dumps, but that flexibility is also greatly increased by the addition of dump filters.
14 Chances are they are not the only members of your webinar audience or target market that have asked themselves that same question.
15 At the end of the test, as a "reward" for their participation, they could choose either a reward for themselves or a voucher to give to a friend.
16 Of course, more work is involved in this case, but the good thing is that after it is done, the SBS models themselves could be significantly enhanced to cover more business domains or industries.
17 Chris Gardner: People can't do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you can not do it.
18 These methods have proven to be well matched with human expressive patterns, but they do not lend themselves to the process of computerization.
19 We have been force-fed the doctrines of self-esteem for so long that most people don't really view themselves as sinners worthy of divine wrath.
20 market does not beat them. They beat themselves.
21 When our children feel we believe in them, they grow to believe in themselves.
22 If they are dependent on your energy of kindness and support to feel good, how will they ever face up to their own lack of kindness and support towards themselves?
23 Malay majority institutionalised affirmative action for themselves, to the disadvantage of ethnic Chinese (a majority in Penang), who were perceived to have got unduly rich.
24 The soldiers dug themselves in along the bank.
25 And not all schemas allow other schemas to be embedded within themselves.
26 They themselves made the decision.
27 Instead, if they want to buy something, they have to ask themselves.
28 The changing nature of the family, with fewer children who themselves often move away, has increased the prospect of elderly isolation.
29 majority if the elderly still live at home, either by themselves, or with their children.
30 But why emerging sunspots should reveal themselves clearly at one depth but not at others is a mystery.