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their voices in a sentence

1. "Hands tied, feet tied, their voices still free".

2. We could hear their voices in the next room."

3. their voices also differ.

4. I heard their voices.

5. they would use their voices and art to escape.

6. Their voices are empty;

7. Their voices are also strikingly different.

8. Sapna Mukherjee lent their voices for the album.

9. Bakshi states, "Thank God I have their voices.

10. Awakened by their voices, Max comes downstairs.

11. Their voices are so good!"

12. The cast lent their voices in the videogame.

13. Naomi Lewis supplied their voices.

14. "Their voices blend together beautifully.

15. He loved their voices and signed the sisters.

16. We would like other people to hear their voices.

17. And if they are, their voices may be shut down.

18. . . . They don't have their voices.

19. humbug!” at the top of their voices.

20. Kavita paudwal also gave their voices.

21. Their voices echo throughout the soundfield.

22. He cited the difference between their voices.

23. Their voices are sampled by Asami Shimoda.

24. During rehearsals, their voices are modified.

25. Their voices are amplified.

26. We know people want to make their voices heard.

27. Hark! I can hear their voices.

28. of their voices wafted across the lake to us.

29. Their voices blend together well.

30. Will their voices be redone in Korean?