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their tongues in a sentence

1. Alexei's servants were beheaded or had their tongues cut out.

2. They have not all the same speech, but their tongues are mixed.

3. Blue-tongued skinks will flash their tongues as a threat display.

4. as a result, crocodiles are unable to stick out their tongues.

5. Their tongues can move very freely.

6. "These women are shrewd tempters with their tongues" (1.2.123).

7. Their tongues stretch so far, they are actually longer than their bodies.

8. They also use their tongues to sniff the air and track their prey.

9. Immediately after birth, the young start flickering their tongues.

10. Many were castrated, or had their beards scalped or their tongues cut out.

11. He rarely spoke, but his relatives had the free use of their tongues.

12. Gustation: Animals also use their tongues to enhance their sense of smell.

13. Females flick their tongues at males to solicit mating.

14. My method with them was to cut out their tongues.

15. they touch each other's noses and click their tongues.

16. Patients often mutilated their tongues, lips, and cheeks.

17. their tongues hang motionless, rendering speech and swallowing impossible.

18. Two cannibals have their tongues cut off in the village center.

19. for several of the calumniators in his party had their tongues cut out.

20. If it is necessary, sometimes their tongues would be cut out.

21. Scandinavians brought their tongues, as did the Germans.

22. As well, Cummins said players held their tongues around Johnston.

23. Co., and also Britto and Manikandan, both with their tongues cut off.

24. Raped them. Cut out their tongues, cut women's breasts off.

25. All music is composed by Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues.

26. The album compiles some of Gnaw Their Tongues' earliest recordings.

27. Their dogs moved not their tongues.

28. Some creatures project their tongues to catch flies and other insects.

29. The dogs lay tired on the ground, their tongues lolling out.

30. The brassy boys put their tongues out at us.