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their thin skin in a sentence

1. As well as breathing with lungs, they respire through the many folds in their thin skin, which has capillaries close to the surface.

2. Frogs are used as an indicator of ecosystem health due to their thin skin which absorbs both nutrient and toxins from the surrounding environment resulting in an above average extinction rate in unfavorable and polluted environmental conditions.

3. Essential oil use in children can pose a danger when misused because of their thin skin and immature livers.

4. Because of their thin skin, they can be stored only for a few days, about a week in a fridge.

5. They are easily distressed by improper handling, because they rely on cutaneous respiration, their thin skin is very sensitive to heating, drying and exposure to chemicals from warm hands.

6. Their thin skin rips easily, but has a very rough texture;

7. Most true Charentais melons are grown in and around this region, and are almost exclusively available in France, owing to the fact that their thin skin and soft flesh does not do well in shipping.