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their temperature in a sentence

1. Species vary in their temperature requirement, so here an extra category has been added.

2. Their temperature control relies in part on behavioral thermoregulation.

3. when heating something large their temperature drops.

4. DC powered cables are limited only by their temperature rise and Ohm's law.

5. Butterflies can only fly when their temperature is above 27 °C (81 °F);

6. Being cold-blooded, they can raise their temperature by basking in the sun.

7. As the clouds rise, their temperature drops, and precipitation occurs.

8. We use thermal spectra of the stars to know their temperature.

9. Buildings are ventilated and their temperature regulated.

10. So the only way their temperature changes is by radiative cooling.

11. All objects emit a certain amount of black body radiation as a function of their temperature.

12. their temperature gradients are lower than those in adjacent valleys.

13. their temperature rating is 120 °C rather than the 70 °C of the similar C13/C14 combination.

14. To lower their temperature, lizards exhibit varied behaviors.

15. All materials give off, or emit, energy by thermal radiation as a result of their temperature.

16. When greenhouse gas molecules absorb thermal infrared energy, their temperature rises.

17. “Many components will crack if their temperature is changed too quickly.

18. The riders saw molecules around them, moving faster as their temperature increased.

19. their temperature rises as they absorb heat.

20. The lasers may be heated and their temperature monitored.

21. Ongoing research in the future will also improve their temperature treatment profiles.

22. They may also hold their wings outstretched, presumably to control their temperature.

23. These systems connect the color of stars to their temperature.

24. Raccoons have a dual cooling system to regulate their temperature;

25. However, most are homeotherms because their temperature is very stable.

26. The addition of PVC to other plastic masses increases their temperature resistance.

27. Those being watched have their temperature taken twice daily.

28. Their temperature is similar, but they have different radius and mass.

29. Users are then able to see a history of their temperature readings.

30. You can try to lower their temperature by sponging them gently with lukewarm water.