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their species in a sentence

1. Hamsters become fertile at different ages depending on their species.

2. their species are superficially grass-like.

3. In contrast, the brachiopods lost 95% of their species diversity.

4. As it stands, the proper name of their species appears to be Hairy Men.

5. Horseshoe bats give a peeping sound at a frequency depending on their species.

6. Housing social animals with other members of their species is also helpful.

7. The first of their species at the zoo.

8. The sections with their species are:

9. The proliferation of mineral oils reduced the demand for their species' oil.

10. Prey are chosen by the whelk according to their species and size.

11. They have languages unique to their species;

12. It is nearing Threatened, but the exact number of their species in unknown.

13. their species ages in reverse.

14. Their species is never made clear;

15. Their species name bracteatus is Latin for "gold-leaf".

16. It is not uncommon for them to date outside their species early in life.

17. The being itself had been acknowledged as a God by their species.

18. Characters are initially defined by their species and their background.

19. Several of those bird species participate in their Species Survival Plan.

20. Aquaria may be grouped by their species selection.

21. Coastal petaltails have distinctive bodies that are unique to their species.

22. Their species matched the soil conditions.

23. All character surnames are referred to their species.

24. The effect of space flight on seeds depends on their species and variety.

25. Some of their species will even lay their eggs under ground.

26. Gibraltar's Neanderthals may have been the last members of their species.

27. Their species include 56 of cartilaginous fishes and 386 of bony fishes.

28. They're a gay female couple in their species.

29. Their species name is derived from these two markings;

30. Many of their species were found to be missing in the 1970.