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their skin in a sentence

1. The indigo stains their skin blue;

2. This merely darkens their skin.

3. Their skin burns and peels rather than tans.

4. Their skin is parched and desiccated;

5. their skin turns darker after a few days.

6. Kapiśa was known for goats and their skin.

7. Their skin is shed in pieces.

8. They both dyed their skin with red ochre.

9. cream to their skin.

10. Their skin does not have any scales.

11. Their skin is sensitive to body heat.

12. that their skin was light brown in color;

13. their skin would turn dark blue.

14. Their skin was ornately scarred.

15. Their skin is covered in small bumps.

16. Gharials are poached for their skin.

17. the home-invasion thriller In Their Skin;

18. They also shed their skin.

19. some cast (shed) their skin;

20. some cast (shed) their skin;

21. Their skin is thick and hard.

22. Their skin is hot to the touch.

23. Their skin also contains a poison.

24. Their skin is thin but not gelatinous.

25. For the color of their skin.

26. Their skin was a greyish colour.

27. their skin is thin and their flesh thick.

28. Some leave behind their skin.

29. Serpents cast their skin once a year.

30. of course, their skin is the whitest.