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their ship in a sentence

1. Instead, their ship is bombed.

2. 253 officers and men died with their ship.

3. Their ship made it to Mars before crashing.

4. Perplexed, they return to their ship.

5. Their ship, Ste.

6. Their ship had been torpedoed by a U-boat.

7. They there disembarked and burned their ship.

8. they bring him back to their ship.

9. They too are repairing their ship.

10. their ship, however, was still afloat.

11. When Germany lost the war, he sank their ship.

12. their ship arrived in Philadelphia in July.

13. Their ship was attacked as it arrived in port.

14. Their ship is destroyed and they are separated.

15. Gaskell. Their ship sinks in the China Seas.

16. Yuranosuke and his men depart for their ship.

17. Their ship Coburg was wrecked off Shannon.

18. The miners are defeated along with their ship.

19. 427 men went down with their ship.

20. They named the group after their ship.

21. Cullen and the oarsmen returned to their ship.

22. Their ship was named Sankt Pauli.

23. Brigaut’s forces retreated to their ship;

24. Their ship was wrecked off Hythe;

25. Their ship stopped opposite a large rock.

26. Their ship circled the iceberg.

27. Their ship was compassing the earth.

28. Their ship touched land a month later.

29. Their ship is bearing down on the shore.

30. They had no choice but scupper their ship.