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their schedule in a sentence

1. their schedule also included Amsterdam and Brussels, and the Far East.

2. In Brazil is transmitted with subtitles in Portuguese on their schedule.

3. Their schedule was sporadic in the beginning.

4. The team increased their schedule, attempting 32 of the 36 races.

5. Their schedule was quite difficult from the beginning.

6. The team played most of their schedule, cancelling two home games.

7. Their schedule was sporadic in the beginning.

8. Their schedule was sporadic in the beginning.

9. Each student has a study hall built into their schedule.

10. In December of 2019, NASCAR announced a change to their schedule.

11. On 16 December 2016 TV3 announced a major revamp of their schedule.

12. Wofford had an open spot in their schedule and agreed to play Clemson.

13. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IMSA reorganized their schedule.

14. Due to poor performance, Eleven also pulled 90210 off their schedule.

15. The SeaBees did not meet their schedule but came very close.

16. Pennsylvania was trying quite hard to get Harvard on their schedule.

17. All clubs completed their schedule of 14 matches.

18. More and more universities added Headis to their schedule.

19. The only blemish on their schedule was a scoreless tie with Kentucky.

20. whether the competitor has kept to their schedule;

21. Their schedule was six shows a day on every other day.

22. Their schedule was as follows.

23. The sequence of events and their schedule is almost the same every year.

24. In 1885, their schedule was expanded to three games.

25. Doctor TV offered many healthy-lifestyle programs on their schedule.

26. The Healers occasionally perform together as their schedule permits.

27. Source: UWS. The Flash announced their schedule on March 11, 2016.

28. Their schedule was as follows.

29. San Diego released their schedule on February 12, 2020.

30. Their schedule continues to be undemanding the rest of this week.