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their punishment in a sentence

1. For several leaders their punishment was death.

2. It touched on crimes or insults and their punishment;

3. If a student was caught leaving training their punishment would be severe.

4. Players must serve their punishment in the dressing room;

5. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.

6. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment.

7. I desire their conversion, but not their punishment."

8. Their punishment is mentioned after their name and role.

9. Their punishment is mentioned after their name and role.

10. Gurney did not report on their punishment if any.

11. and a group of believers must witness their punishment.

12. Their punishment was extremely unpopular with the rest of the crew.

13. The hour of their punishment has come.

14. Their punishment is unknown because the trial records were destroyed.

15. Their punishment is not known.

16. their punishment is to work for Numerobis as labourers.

17. The boy and girl accept their punishment and form an even stronger bond.

18. Seth and Kendra convince him to lessen their punishment.

19. after three years Math releases his nephews from their punishment.

20. Andvari responded that their punishment is to enter Vadgelmir.

21. and this is their punishment for drunkards, or the like."

22. Taliban found the commanders and hung them as their punishment.

23. Thampi, Kochunarayanan, Philipose and Kamal-get their punishment.

24. Their punishment was jail and deportation.


26. The Emperor commuted their punishment to that of blinding.

27. The last line reads: "They waited for their punishment to be decided."

28. Their punishment was sexual abuse.

29. class glared at the teacher when he told them their punishment.

30. Their jailers dished out their punishment.