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their propaganda in a sentence

1. The Nazis used the usurious Shylock for their propaganda.

2. this was also derived from their propaganda skills that had also been decentralised successfully.

3. The Haarlem councilmen became quite creative in their propaganda promoting their city.

4. The myth was used by the Nazis in their propaganda.

5. The North Vietnamese used these incidents as part of their propaganda campaign.

6. National Bolsheviks often used punk-stylized shock aesthetics in their propaganda.

7. The Germans organized antisemitic exhibitions to spread their propaganda.

8. The Germans intended to use Dzhugashvili in their propaganda against the Soviets.

9. The Pathet Lao also realised that they still needed the monks for their propaganda objectives.

10. Ironically, the Moczar's faction failed to topple Gomułka with their propaganda efforts.

11. The Germans used al-Qawuqji's name and reputation extensively in their propaganda.

12. They were defined more by their propaganda than by their own personalities.

13. It is, however, a clear example of how terrorist groups use journalists to spread their propaganda."

14. destroying Sentinels' generators that power their propaganda broadcasts with bomb-planted RC cars.

15. Al-Shabaab proliferates their propaganda through various media.

16. Neofascists started using the agitation of workless people for their propaganda.

17. Their propaganda quickly spreads into the country;

18. The CIA also increased their propaganda campaign to link Mossadeq to the Communists.

19. These were energetically harnessed to their propaganda goals.

20. He joined the Nationaal Front in January 1941 and led their propaganda department;

21. In their propaganda, the Nazis used the writings of Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer.

22. They also discover Peter's dad is working for Tabitha as their propaganda specialist.

23. The Abbasids spent more than a year preparing their propaganda drive against the Umayyads.

24. After that the Soviet authorities used him for their propaganda.

25. Nevertheless, many individual Orthodox clerics supported the Iron Guard and spread their propaganda.

26. In their propaganda, they did not hesitate to distort the ideas of the rilindja writers.

27. Ingelmia claims the royalty in Alandas is corrupt, as part of their propaganda.

28. The Bolsheviks concentrated much of their propaganda on POWs from the German and Austrian armies.

29. He was their propaganda secretary, and was imprisoned in 2016 alongside Ousainou Darboe and others.

30. Politicians want a lap -dog press which will uncritically report their propaganda.