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their own actions in a sentence

1. However, everybody is held responsible for their own actions.

2. Individuals are powerless when they can't control their own actions or conditions of work;

3. Besides these international initiatives, some countries are taking their own actions.

4. Liberty is the quality individuals have to control their own actions.

5. In order to be "self-aware," robots may use internal models to simulate their own actions.

6. human dignity is related to human agency, the ability of humans to choose their own actions.

7. In order to be "self-aware," robots can use internal models to simulate their own actions.

8. People have the power to influence their own actions to produce certain results.

9. At this stage, the child wants to begin and complete their own actions for a purpose.

10. By reaping the fruits of their own actions, they pass through continuous births and deaths eternally.

11. This meant that Nixon and Kissinger interpreted it as a justification of their own actions.

12. The permanent members also veto resolutions that criticize their own actions.

13. They exert this control by directing and regulating their own actions toward their learning goals.

14. However, they were accountable for their own actions under the honor system.

15. Language allows people to stimulate their own actions as well as those of others.

16. Later, his speech was used by the separatists as propaganda and to justify their own actions.

17. Under these conditions people view their actions as dictates of authorities rather than their own actions.

18. Muslims believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

19. Islam posits that human beings were created by God, with the ability to choose their own actions;

20. and to be held accountable for their own actions.

21. Freedom of choice is the right of individuals to determine their own actions.

22. Afterward, Molly and Bridget appear shocked by their own actions;

23. In this way, animals learn from the consequence of their own actions, i.e. they use an internal predictor.

24. Each of us, he argued, must ‘take responsibility for [their] own actions.

25. People change through their own actions;

26. The film does not hold white people accountable for their own actions.

27. The stories make the point that the treacherous are destroyed by their own actions.

28. They're scoring their own actions.

29. Yet both China Korea turn their backs to their own actions repeatedly accuse Japan of these untruths.

30. Then they would not call me a pest and know that it was their own actions that brought about their peril.