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their opportunity in a sentence

1. Other satellite males remain quietly nearby, waiting for their opportunity to take over a territory.

2. Their opportunity came in 1924.

3. His election was at once their victory and their opportunity.

4. Their opportunity came in the wake of the historic 1990 presidential election.

5. They lose their opportunity and are heartbroken.

6. They took their opportunity.'" Peter Stoddart died on 4 July 1988 following a stroke.

7. Their opportunity lay in demographic changes taking place in Scotland at the time.

8. It was here that the Genoese found their opportunity for intervention in Cyprus.

9. Either party may waive their opportunity to present a closing argument.

10. But by the time the British warships arrived, their opportunity had passed;

11. There is a strong focus on rehabilitation and killing people takes away their opportunity be helped.

12. The Union troops, however, failed in their opportunity to break the Siege of Petersburg.

13. Penn State then had their opportunity.

14. The agile Moorish cavalry see their opportunity, rally, and counter-attack.

15. The Conservatives sensed their opportunity to secure a rare triumph in the constituency.

16. saw this as their opportunity to claw back some power and raise their profile.

17. However, backups Lou Harris and Monroe Eley took advantage of their opportunity.

18. Mary. The Tribe then took advantage of their opportunity.

19. Once there, the Bengals made the most of their opportunity.

20. This afforded the Penitents their opportunity to act.

21. their opportunity to play just might come in the team's most important games.

22. For businesses that may limit their opportunity to provide online users with tailored advertisements.

23. Simon asserts to Dwight this is their opportunity, and Dwight sets fire to the car.

24. Playing us is their opportunity to prove a point".

25. Arizona was denying defendants Simmons instructions based on their opportunity to receive clemency.

26. But they had missed their opportunity.

27. As a Joker race, again Africa squandered their opportunity.

28. The pyramid orders activities according to their opportunity for personal growth.

29. go to the CEO's office for a catered lunch and their opportunity for dialog with the boss.

30. This is their opportunity to experience their growing in Godhood in a beautiful new place.