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their meetings in a sentence

1. After the war, the SPP recommenced their meetings.

2. Marx attended some of their meetings, but did not join.

3. They became friends, and their meetings continued until 1824.

4. Their meetings took place in London and Tangiers.

5. Tange presented various designs to Team X in their meetings.

6. I attended their meetings for almost fifteen years.

7. Karl Marx (1818–83) often attended their meetings.

8. The committees must also keep minutes of their meetings.

9. Almost from the beginning, their meetings were open to men.

10. Finally, their meetings came to a halt.

11. Quad News promptly stopped their meetings with SPJ.

12. Generally these societies held their meetings in pubs.

13. The Estates held their meetings at Carpentras.

14. moreover, he was present at their meetings at Berchtesgaden;

15. But he did not usually attend their meetings.

16. Their meetings were often broken up by mob violence;

17. They eventually erected a large building for their meetings;

18. Their meetings are not part of any larger groups.

19. Their meetings were held at the house of Cabuco.

20. He regularly hosted their meetings at his home.

21. their meetings continued until 1824.

22. The activists continued to hold their meetings.

23. Before long, their meetings become romantic.

24. During their meetings Hon.

25. The two agree to keep their meetings secret.

26. Gatet regularly attended their meetings.

27. We attended their meetings.

28. Thunberg attended a few of their meetings.

29. To much surprise, one of their meetings hosted Casanovas;

30. He went to heckle at their meetings.