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their manners in a sentence

1. The upper class cadets saw it as their duty to "teach the plebes their manners."

2. He spent the rest of the winter learning "their country, their manners, customs, modes of life".

3. He was the mainspring of the Arab movement and knew their language, their manners and their mentality.

4. A simplicity almost Arcadian characterizes their manners, especially those of the women.

5. living with them is easy, and their manners are agreeable.

6. Their accents were strange, their manners even stranger and their observances of the rituals questionable.

7. Guests in this house would be relaxed and happy but they would have to mind their manners."

8. To this day their manners remain the same.

9. They were marked by their manners and once distinctive elocution.

10. Little is known of their manners and customs.

11. No matter how Westernized their manners, they were seen as a "Hawaiian squaw."

12. and their manners differ little from those of the Gauls".

13. Horses are judged on their manners, performance, quality and conformation.

14. The Tsarevich and the Tsarevna charmed their guests with their manners.

15. They intermarried with the local Pashtuns and adopted their manners, culture, customs, and practices.

16. The English and their Manners, was published in January 2013.

17. their intellectual abilities are only so-so; but their manners are impeccable.

18. The people of Georgia are stereotyped both by their manners and for being highly religious.

19. Pleasure horses are judged on their "manners, performance, and way of moving."

20. however, their manners of communication vary.

21. I do not like their principles, I do not like their manners, I do not like their opinions."

22. She also managed to referee, coach and make sure everyone minded their manners.

23. with an account of their Manners, Customs, Laws, Polity, and Religion.

24. The people of Arkansas are stereotyped both by their manners and for being highly religious.

25. She explains she rented it to the Arab, but didn't like their manners and so has spied on them ever since.

26. Its tendency to form their manners, and to render them agreeable, as well in public as in private;

27. they're shocking flirts and their manners are disgraceful".

28. Fish may dine underwater, but they still need to remember their manners at mealtime.

29. You can worry about their manners at showing up uninvited later.

30. Their manners were abominable but the Chinese tolerated them and found their curious customs amusing.