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No. sentence
1 As they tried to kill it with their javelins, they accidentally stabbed each other and died.
2 Bessus and Nabarzanes eventually bound Darius and threw him in an ox-cart while they ordered the Persian forces to continue on. According to Curtius' History of Alexander, at this point Alexander and a small, mobile force arrived and threw the Persians into a panic, leading Bessus and two other conspirators, Satibarzanes and Barsaentes, to wound the king with their javelins and leave him to die.
3 Their discipline, ferocity and the force with which they hurled their javelins made them formidable against heavy cavalry of the Angevin armies.
4 The Etruscans charged in haste, throwing away their javelins.
5 The Roman velites had used many of their javelins against the Carthaginian cavalry, while the Carthaginian skirmishers were fully supplied;
6 His arrival galvanised the Roman troops, who "lay aside their javelins [and] carr[ied] on the engagement with their swords."