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their heads in a sentence

1. They nod their heads as they swim.

2. / "Off with their heads!"

3. Their heads are noticeably flattened.

4. Beat their heads where you find them!

5. Men tie a turban at their heads.

6. Women keep a scarf on their heads.

7. Men have other men as their heads.

8. Their heads were shaven."

9. Their heads were sent to Wuchang.

10. Their heads are naturally polled.

11. Donegal messed with their heads.

12. Later, one has to bend their heads.

13. The women shave their heads.

14. Their heads had two sides;

15. Off with Their Heads may refer to:

16. All had been shot in their heads.

17. He sent their heads to the capital.

18. Death is looming over their heads.

19. above their heads.

20. Their heads have a straight profile.

21. Possessors precede their heads.

22. Some had their heads covered;

23. They could do it on their heads.

24. Their heads are oblong shaped.

25. Some merely inclined their heads;

26. he was like a jewel on their heads.

27. Off with their heads!"

28. Most of them shave their heads.

29. Their heads are nothing like ours.

30. Doubters may shake their heads.