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their hardships in a sentence

1. During his command he remained with the fleet and became respected by the officers and men for suffering their hardships with them.

2. The Sartan on Abarrach, however, were more fractured due to their hardships.

3. The children believe that Toyland, a magical land of spirited toys, will deliver them from their hardships.

4. He set an example by moving among the troops on the front lines, sharing their hardships and danger.

5. Their hardships did not cease once they reached land;

6. The slaves could let go of all their hardships and express their emotions.

7. Their hardships included pawning their land and having to sell items in order to finish the schooling of his brother Macario.

8. The narrative was heavily focused in the daily life of Latinos, from their hardships to their traditions.

9. Her father too relates all of their hardships during the journey from India to Pakistan.

10. The lives of his crew were foreshortened, no doubt, from complications caused by their hardships in the African desert.

11. The journal provides insight into the day-to-day lives of the 1820 Settlers and their hardships.

12. He attended worker's meetings, listened to their speeches, and was moved by their hardships.

13. Mitchell saw their hardships;

14. He truly felt sorry for these people and made surveys to discover the reasons for their hardships.

15. Ricky rejects his older brother, berating him for leaving the family and not helping with their hardships.

16. At the same time, however, he took care to be constantly present amongst his men, sharing their hardships.

17. Their hardships did not cease once they reached land.

18. However, their hardships were not over.

19. During this time, Oliver admits to Barbara that despite their hardships, he always loved her, but Barbara does not respond.

20. Despite their hardships, they are happy until their rich landlord covets Amina.

21. In response to their hardships, Aurangzeb sent his son Shah Alam and his celebrated commander Abdullah Khan Bahadur Firuz Jang.

22. They were going on tour with Walking with Strangers on their “Hardships Tour”, which was cancelled before the first show.

23. The brothers bond further over their hardships, but Frank remains cautiously noncommittal about his relationship with Annie.

24. The two began talking about co-developing a game, and Larson had suggested that their hardships with Joel would make for a strong project.

25. They are left in the forest, where Indra sees their hardships and builds a small palace for them.

26. He credits his inspiration for the character creation to his students and their hardships.

27. Coutts' deceased wife was the daughter of a sailor and he sympathised with their hardships.

28. To protect the night market, A-hua led the vendors to protest and work with media to reveal the stories of their hardships and dreams.

29. Amu was a mother of three who worked with' Namgay Jigs' to pay tribute and celebrate the lives of mothers and their hardships.

30. Able to freely worship, blacks found religion and spiritual songs to help them cope with their hardships.