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their gestures in a sentence

1. their gestures are less often integrated with words.

2. But the words which a person uses may give to their gestures or preparation such a meaning as may make those gestures or preparations amount to an assault".

3. She dreamed of looking like them and her singing career developed, she copied their gestures for her musical appearances.

4. The figures' contours coincide with their gestures as a way to suggest depth in relation to one another and in relation to the setting.

5. Or else one in which the author of a plot and his actors are hampered by music which prolongs their gestures and action to absurdity and obscures the sense of their words."

6. By following Austin's guidelines, speakers could improve their delivery by matching their gestures to their words.

7. Turns are resolved simultaneously once all wizards have submitted their gestures for a given turn.

8. we imagine their gestures.

9. Conductors view their gestures as the primary means to communicate musical ideas, whether or not they choose to use batons.

10. The figures, another suggests, "project themselves into space, stretching to escape their niches with their gestures and establish a rapport with the viewer.

11. He gradually incorporated their gestures, eye movements, facial expressions and their short sharp burst of speed in his kung fu routines.

12. Placing the drum atop Yoshitsune's armor, granted Tadanobu in the second act, the two dance, their gestures and motions mimicking the actions of the narration.

13. It seems probable that Mazzoni's background in theatrical masks and props affected his work, because of the staged melodrama in their gestures and expressions.

14. In the second quatrain, Shakespeare shows how those who participate in these grand gestures often pay too much and lose a great deal only to have their gestures be seen as empty.

15. The instrument is intended for use only by accomplished players and was designed to amplify their gestures, which lead to supplementary sound or musical control possibilities.

16. the team supporters are well known for their gestures of donating, cleaning and assisting the society.

17. Their gestures of lamentation indicate that the deceased were considered to be behind the door.

18. Body Language - How to read others' thoughts by their gestures is a best-selling book by Allan Pease, first published in 1981.

19. In that time nearly eighteen thousand Righteous had been honored and had been able to plant a tree in the avenue dedicated to remembering them and their gestures at Yad Vashem.

20. Their gestures include holding a branch towards the body with one hand and holding the other hand before their mouths, possibly as a sign of silent reverence.

21. As generous as their gestures seem, Kyoko and Yûki have their minds set on sabotaging iCarly's chances of winning the iWeb Awards.

22. Similarly to Raphael's Terranuova Madonna, the Child and the young John the Baptist interact through their gestures and glances.

23. their gestures were strongly stylized.

24. Non-signers also do not constrain their gestures to a morphological system as with sign language users.

25. The chemistry between the two works well with their gestures and looks.

26. In their gestures, in their types, in their habits, in their implements, you sometimes discover a vestige of ancient times surviving to this day, mixed in with modern custom.

27. His figures are placed in a more relaxed arrangement and their gestures and movements appear to be more fluent and naturalistic.

28. Their accents are confidently Indian, as are their gestures, their Hindi-English hybrid talk and their taste for Bollywood films.

29. In a memoir dated 1907 she wrote of her parents, "Beautiful often, even to our eyes, were their gestures, their glances of pure and unutterable delight in each other."

30. They can even dress in very simple attires , but their gestures and the way they behave will imply their prosperity.