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their features in a sentence

1. Some of their features are primitive while others are derived.

2. Their features became adapted for living in the marine environment.

3. they do this by: A simple comparison of their features is listed below.

4. Their features became adapted for living in the marine environment.

5. The actors' faces are often in partial shadow as a result, their features obscured.

6. These personages "exactly resembled each other in their features or likeness."

7. The Zoombinis are fully 3-D, but their features no longer affect gameplay.

8. when they are perpendicular, their features are antiparallel.

9. Their features are delicate to emphasize their femininity.

10. Their features include retractile claws and the ringed tail.

11. Their features suggest a Greek influence.

12. I had to change their features."

13. Several film festival winners have used Vegas to cut their features.

14. The original petrol versions were given type numbers that indicate their features.

15. their features include sand dunes.

16. OutFest 2007 presented the film as one of their features.

17. Slideway oils typically list "prevention of stick-slip" as one of their features.

18. Their features differ slightly from those made later in China.

19. The workers have unusual, elongated mandibles, distinctly basal in their features.

20. And to this day their ancestry is discernible from their features.

21. However, upon closer examination, their features differ significantly;

22. Guests who choose not to wear the Niqab had their features blurred out.

23. Both races differ in their features.

24. A table of the different models and their features follows.

25. Their features are simpler than the older buildings.

26. Little is known of their features and weapons.

27. Their features are similar to the arcas in the Bada Valley.

28. The following sections look at different amplifier topologies and their features.

29. their features are emphatically delineated, the left eye appearing overly large.

30. When the parent robots' reproduce, 'their features are randomly recombined.