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their divergence in a sentence

1. However, their divergence probably occurred only with the splitting-up of Pangaea in the Jurassic, maybe 160 million years ago (Mya).

2. He adds that Rubber Soul is "full of great tunes" from Lennon and McCartney notwithstanding their divergence from a common style, and demonstrates that Harrison "was also developing into a fine songwriter".

3. Molecular dating placed the split between Osmunda and Plenasium, and their divergence from Claytosmunda in the Early Cretaceous, co-eval with the divergence between the sister genera Todea and Leptopteris.

4. The lesser and greater sandhill cranes are quite distinct, their divergence dating to roughly 2.3–1.2 million years ago , some time during the Late Pliocene or Early Pleistocene.

5. The RMSD of two aligned structures indicates their divergence from one another.

6. Stem tetrapods are the animals belonging to the lineage leading to tetrapods from their divergence from the lungfish, our nearest relatives among the fishes.

7. English and Frisian have a proximal ancestral form in common before their divergence.

8. His well-known painting The Monkey Connoisseurs satirizes the jury of the French Academy of Painting, which had rejected several of his earlier works on account of their divergence from any known standard.

9. Another hypothesis proposes that African apes came from a bipedal ancestor, as there are no differences in hemoglobin between Pan and Homo, suggesting that their divergence occurred relatively recently.

10. Both quantum mechanics and special relativity begin their divergence from classical mechanics by insisting on the primacy of observations and a refusal to admit unobservable entities.

11. English and Frisian have a proximal ancestral form in common before their divergence.

12. It recovered evidence that the paleognathes are one natural group (monophyletic), and that their divergence from other birds is the oldest divergence of any extant bird groups.

13. Anushilan Samiti and Jugantar were organised on different lines, reflecting their divergence.

14. This could have led to their divergence from those wolves that remained in the one territory.

15. The evidence gathered from research demonstrates the similarities in the framework of these institutions and their divergence after the impact of British colonisation.

16. Hawaii and the coastal portions of central and southern California west of the San Andreas Fault are not on the North American plate, so their divergence rate differs.

17. for instance two routes designated CTH-P and CTH-W would take the designation CTH-PW on a certain route before their divergence down the road, returning to their individual route designations thereafter.

18. The Proto-Turkic language is the linguistic reconstruction of the common ancestor of the Turkic languages that was spoken by the Proto-Turks before their divergence into the various Turkic peoples.

19. Their divergence is estimated to have taken place 200 million years ago.

20. It was named so because they were the people who marched at the rear of the file during their divergence from Makhel.

21. Their divergence is elucidated by the proverb : "what goes around comes around".

22. TimeTree users can search for the names of two species, such as cat and dog, to obtain the mean and median time estimates for their divergence, in millions of years.

23. She does not trust Divergent because according to her they cannot be loyal to one faction due to their Divergence.

24. Tris and Four are tested by Matthew and Nita to verify and to study their Divergence.

25. Homologs exist as distant as the green sea turtle and chickens at approximately 60% sequence identity, suggesting that the gene may have arisen in the amniotes after their divergence from other tetrapods;

26. Despite their divergence from the party platform, pro-abortion rights Republicans are unlikely to switch parties.

27. Critic Paul Worthington calls these novels a natural progression of Brown's quest for a perfect novel form, despite their divergence in themes.

28. They were encouraged to recalculate their divergence dates accordingly.

29. Only the sexual features were observed not to be homoplastic, suggesting that sexual selection may have been a driving force in their divergence.

30. Basal Eurasians are the sibling group that diverged from the main lineage of all other non-African groups (e.g., Australian Aborigines, New Guineans, Europeans, East Asians), prior to their divergence from one another.