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their development in a sentence

1. their development also began with very small forms.

2. It is an essential step to their development.

3. The regular use of sunblock can inhibit their development.

4. The under-18s were runners-up in their Development League.

5. Most fruits start their development as flowers.

6. Their development is attributed to population growth.

7. The larvae complete their development in about 2 weeks.

8. They have five nymphal stages in their development.

9. Their development, however, was rapid.

10. Two other titles were cancelled during their development.

11. Their development cycle is estimated in two years.

12. their development has reduced its ability to absorb floods.

13. They signed Randel King as their development driver.

14. was considering adding a third tower to their development.

15. All mammals have a tail at some point in their development;

16. Their development is similar to other Siphonariids.

17. The Government has welcomed their development assistance.

18. Their development of tools was also great.

19. Among oryzomyine rodents, their development is variable;

20. They feed in tight groups throughout their development.

21. Their development and differentiation is unknown.

22. Their development has continued over the years.

23. In Autumn their development is complete.

24. The former model of their development is inapplicable;

25. She monitors their development carefully.

26. The insects require two years for their development.

27. both authors were involved in their development.

28. He was part of their development teams through 2013.

29. night for their development.

30. They have five nymphal stages in their development.