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their communities in a sentence

1. members were often well known in their communities.

2. They held positions of spiritual power in their communities.

3. Their cornfields were located near to their communities;

4. Users form their communities based on different interests.

5. They were leaders in their communities;

6. impacting their communities in a substantial way;

7. The Feminine is desired to keep their communities stable.

8. Whites tried to drive out Filipinos from their communities.

9. The Kwaio cultivate these varieties around their communities.

10. In addition, members must inform their communities about CAP.

11. Their communities are Iron Lightning and Thunder Butte.

12. Dargonesti strive for peace in their communities.

13. Jews and their communities were always vulnerable.

14. some became prominent members of their communities.

15. Their communities are still active today.

16. Towns and their communities in the school district.

17. They are isolated from their families and their communities.

18. Their communities spoke German into the 20th century.

19. Their communities are Iron Lightning and Thunder Butte.

20. Their communities are still active today.

21. Granny midwives were greatly respected in their communities.

22. Ilambi is one of their communities.

23. Historically, Poles took great pride in their communities;

24. Instead their communities are based on the laws of God.

25. Women are "a force for stability in their communities."

26. They felt that they could empower their communities.

27. Other clubs created scholarship funds for their communities.

28. and/or a sense of duty to defend their communities.

29. Many were shunned from their communities.

30. also tilts towards newer residents of their communities.