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their body temperature in a sentence

1. On very hot days, emus pant to maintain their body temperature.

2. Some, such as Dimetrodon, had large sails that might have helped raise their body temperature.

3. In warm weather, dogs may have problems regulating their body temperature and may overheat.

4. Condors also perform urohidrosis, or defecate on their legs, to reduce their body temperature.

5. At an age of about 6 weeks they are fully able to maintain their body temperature.

6. Many agamid species are capable of limited change of their colours to regulate their body temperature.

7. Some animals living in cold environments maintain their body temperature by preventing heat loss.

8. Their body temperature is unusually variable, changing by up to 4 °C (7 °F) in a day.

9. Larvae feeding and growth is highly dependent on their body temperature.

10. During the hot season, they will relocate to the lower canopy to help regulate their body temperature.

11. They will lower their body temperature by about .5 degrees Celsius to reduce energy costs.

12. The H2 Flow Jacket allows the wearer to regulate their body temperature.

13. This may be due to their ability to regulate their body temperature using the sun.

14. However, when their body temperature rises by as much as 4-5°, they begin to pant.

15. Primarily, dogs regulate their body temperature through panting and sweating via their paws.

16. This allows them to move around and thus to regulate and maintain their body temperature constant.

17. They leave the water on a daily basis to bask, in order to regulate their body temperature.

18. they are ectothermic animals: their metabolism cannot regulate their body temperature.

19. Some people receiving care require that the caregiver monitor their body temperature.

20. However, tuna and mackerel sharks are warm-blooded: they can regulate their body temperature.

21. Honey bees are able to stabilize their body temperature and make up for the energy lost by flying.

22. They have been observed to burrow into the mud to regulate their body temperature.

23. Ambient temperature plays a role in determining their body temperature.

24. Additionally, the turtles use their habitat to help control their body temperature.

25. They are able to control their body temperature from birth, and are weaned after only four weeks.

26. Crocodiles, welcoming the heat that maintains their body temperature, are worshipped as Sobek;

27. Their body temperature is 38 °C (100 °F).

28. In addition, iguanas have a well-developed dewlap, which helps regulate their body temperature.

29. Their body temperature is above the average seen in other mice.

30. They can change their body temperature by behaviors like basking or sitting in shade.