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their arguments in a sentence

1. More recent scholarship has not been convinced by their arguments.

2. Functions take their arguments from the stack.

3. Their arguments, however, were futile.

4. Their arguments escalated, and in 1941 Hammond left Columbia.

5. Their arguments are matter of scholarly debate.

6. Julius read them and was convinced by their arguments.

7. Both sides decided to publish their arguments in local newspapers.

8. The judge dismissed all their arguments.

9. and their arguments were sometimes one-sided."

10. I found it very easy to refute all their arguments.

11. After both sides present their arguments, the judge rules.

12. White has countered their arguments.

13. Their arguments were of no avail;

14. side-events display the protagonists and their arguments.

15. The lovestruck Gerardine rejects their arguments entirely.

16. Lawyers on each side presented their arguments on October 3, 2005.

17. Thus, their arguments were not consistent.

18. René then is left alone with Shion to settle their arguments.

19. many of their arguments lead to passionate embraces.

20. Some protesters include false quotations in their arguments.

21. The King rejected their arguments and hardened his own position.

22. They said it made their arguments in Von Raab stronger.

23. They based their arguments on the Zimbabwean Constitution.

24. MacMahon found their arguments "wholly unconvincing."

25. Once again, Captain Pollard reluctantly yielded to their arguments.

26. Anti-Federalists based their arguments on three points.

27. We derive a lot of observational comedy from their arguments.

28. Their arguments did not go unheard.

29. Their arguments should be countered with reason, not ridicule.

30. Paul will not continue to arbitrate their arguments.