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their alarm in a sentence

1. They may then pause to observe the cause of their alarm from cover.

2. Historians believe their alarm was mostly fabrication and fear, but officials rounded up 31 blacks and 4 whites, who over a period of months were convicted of arson.

3. Their alarm call is a shorter sound.

4. Historians believe their alarm was mostly fabrication and fear, but officials rounded up 31 blacks and 4 whites, all of whom were convicted of arson and executed.

5. If a predator is spotted, the Capuchin will alert the others using their alarm call.

6. Their alarm call is a bark, wow-wow.

7. Their alarm calls are usually responded to and heeded by many other species of bird.

8. His concerned associates assume that he wants to be left alone, but as the day passes their alarm grows and they finally break into the office.

9. Sleepers can become accustomed to the sound of their alarm clock if it has been used for a period of time, making it less effective.

10. Their alarm call closely resembles the bleating of domestic goats.

11. Their alarm call is a repeated set of harsh staccato notes, similar to a blackbird.

12. Veronica finds out the passcode to their alarm system.

13. Some iPhone users reported that their alarm tool failed to function on 1 January 2011.

14. The friends of our independence had everything to dread from his wisdom and humanity, but their alarm was short of duration.

15. They use calls made of low "peenk" to keep contact with each other while foraging or not in sighting positions, whereas their alarm call comprises "terr" sounds.

16. they may be attracted by recordings of their alarm calls.

17. Their alarm call is high-pitched, and said to resemble the call of the European green woodpecker, and they mark their territories with urine and dung.

18. Rocky and Bullwinkle return to Frostbite Falls, exhausted and unaware that their alarm clock is a time bomb (intended to destroy the guns but lost during the mission).

19. This included their alarm at how Satanists were often accused in Christian literature or in popular media as being perpetrators of organized crime.

20. Meanwhile, Germany attended the summit to signal their alarm at the economic situation in the East.

21. In 2014, AlarmForce Connect was launched giving users the ability to control their alarm system remotely from their smartphone.

22. The apes are equipped with helmets, which feature a siren representing their alarm level: blue means relaxed, and unaware of the player characters' presence;

23. Adding to their alarm were the classes the students were holding in the Black community, teaching Blacks to read.

24. Species of monkeys have been observed to communicate with each other through their alarm calls leading to mutuality between the counterparts.

25. He also makes subtle changes, such as setting their alarm to go off earlier and leaving a mix CD in their car.

26. Such active defense often includes alarm behavior, in which the wasps assume an upright stance, open their wings, and point their antennae at the source of their alarm.

27. The prank calls continue to wake Michael and Katherine at night, and when an apparent intruder trips their alarm, they contact the police.

28. I have no doubt in saying that anybody could ditch their alarm clock and learn to wake up naturally.

29. Do you believe that anyone can ditch their alarm clock and become a happy early riser?

30. Underscoring their alarm, members of the Mekong River commission completed a four-day summit in Thailand on Monday; it was the first such meeting in the commission's 15-year history.