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the year-end ranking in a sentence

1. Agassi skipped most of the fall indoor season which allowed Sampras to surpass him and finish ranked No. 1 at the year-end ranking.

2. It ranked at number 125 on the year-end ranking of the albums by Billboard.

3. In the same year, Söderling achieved No. 4 in the year-end ranking.

4. In 2003 the transition to the main tour was completed as he reached the third round at Wimbledon (coming from the qualifying rounds) and reached an ATP final in Stockholm (losing a decisive tie-break there), earning the year-end ranking of 86. Robin's first ATP title came in 2004 at the Lyon where he beat Belgian Xavier Malisse in the final.

5. At the year-end ranking for 2001, the song placed at number 24 on Dance Club Songs.

6. It placed at number 31 on the year-end ranking for Dance Club Songs in 1999.

7. Its commercial performance in the European countries helped it attain a peak of number three on the European Hot 100 Singles chart, placing at number 90 on the year-end ranking.

8. Despite this, his results were impressive, allowing him to finish 12th on the year-end ranking list.

9. Similarly like year before, Džumhur had not achieved his higher goal of placement among top 70 players of the world, but managed to fulfil the initial one, which was the year-end ranking position inside top 100, allowing him to be directly accepted into the 2016 Australian Open.

10. It placed at number 26 on the year-end ranking for Billboard Hot 100 in 2012.

11. On the year-end ranking of the 50 most popular rhythmic songs of 2017, "No Fear" placed at number 40. The song also appeared on the year-end ranking of Hot R&B Songs, on which it placed at number 42.