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the windy conditions in a sentence

1. At the time, Agassi blamed the Australian Open loss on the windy conditions, but later said in his biography that he had lost the match on purpose, as he did not want to play Boris Becker, whom he would have faced in that final.

2. In the windy conditions, the tide came in more quickly than expected, making manoeuvring the armour difficult.

3. As a baseball field, the stadium was infamous for the windy conditions, damp air and dew from fog, and chilly temperatures.

4. (It may be noted that in the 12 years he played at Candlestick Park, from 1960 through 1971, Mays hit 396 home runs, 203 at Candlestick and 193 on the road.) Nonetheless, he had less difficulty fielding balls in the windy conditions.

5. The study revealed that had the windy conditions been known prior to construction, conditions would have been significantly improved by building the park 100 yards farther to the north and east.

6. Also due to the windy conditions the speed of the greens are often slower than a golfer might be used to on the PGA Tour, to avoid the ball being moved by a gust.

7. Their range coincides with availability of food such as flying fish, and with the trade winds, which provide the windy conditions that facilitate their flying.

8. In the windy conditions, the tide came in more quickly than expected, so manoeuvring the armour was difficult.

9. Demaret's playing style was developed by necessity through the windy conditions of his native Texas.

10. He claimed that the windy conditions that day required him to turn immediately after takeoff, but in fact he was peeved with the tower because they would not give him the runway that he requested.

11. The front produced severe weather and tornadoes across the upper Mississippi Valley, a blizzard in Ohio, and the windy conditions upon front passage caused a dust storm in Oklahoma.

12. In mid-November, he was upset by veteran John Bromwich who better exploited the windy conditions in the quarterfinal of the N.S.W. Championships.

13. At 3.40 p.m., a small fire in the main stand was remarked upon by the TV commentator John Helm, but in less than four minutes, with the windy conditions, it had engulfed the whole stand, trapping some people in their seats.

14. Button, eleventh, reported his car felt unstable due to the windy conditions.

15. Maatsuyker Island supports a surprising variety of flora and fauna, although the flora is limited in size by the windy conditions.

16. The beach is subject to the windy conditions of Wellington with gusty northerlies often changing to cold, consistent southerlies.

17. The windy conditions led to six crashes, and hopefuls waited until the final 45 minutes before they took to the track.

18. The commentators for the game, especially Bob Davie, questioned Weis' decision, believing that the windy conditions would affect play significantly.

19. The name Eola is a tribute to the windy conditions in the area, and is derived from Aeolus, the Greek god of wind.

20. In the windy conditions, the tide came in more quickly than expected, making manoeuvring the armour difficult.

21. Golden Beach has become a popular destination for wind-surfers and kite-surfers from around the world due to the windy conditions inside as well as outside the small bay.

22. Glenn Curtiss also appeared, but made only very brief flights, preferring not to challenge the windy conditions.

23. Vladimir Guerrero set up the Angels' only run in the top of the fourth, hitting a high fly ball to deep left field that looked to be a home run but bounced in front of the fence for a double instead, possibly due to the windy conditions.

24. In the second set, Evert dealt with the windy conditions better and was able to break Navratilova's serve in the fourth game.

25. Rainfall is scarce during the summer months, but the windy conditions ensure there are frequent dust storms.

26. Past features of Round Hill include a windmill, which took advantage of the windy conditions on the 223-foot (68 m) hilltop until 1913;

27. Some argue that the increase in the spread rate of the fire from the windy conditions has to do with the increased oxygen supply in the fire.

28. Although Ki was the favourite going into the match, Chang overcame a poor start - her second arrow scoring just three points in the windy conditions - to win by seven set points to three and advance to the final.

29. Chang also reached the final of the women's individual event, but after struggling in the windy conditions lost against the Russian world number three Ksenia Perova.

30. the first attempt to roll the boat upright and raise it was planned for September 6, but recovery efforts would have been delayed if the windy conditions had continued.