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the water surface in a sentence

1. Eggs are laid on the water surface;

2. It must run across the water surface to get in flight.

3. They drink by dipping to the water surface as they fly.

4. They fly swift and low, skimming the water surface.

5. Picking food from the water surface.

6. Breaking the water surface increases drag, reducing speed;

7. just two percent of Wizard Island sits above the water surface.

8. Large boulders sometimes protrude above the water surface.

9. skipping along the water surface;

10. The width of the water surface was thus kept unchanged.

11. The two free ends of the "U" are attached to the water surface.

12. They usually swim near the water surface looking for food.

13. Less likely to grow up above the water surface.

14. The water surface is covered with duck weed.

15. These steamships required more space on the water surface.

16. The water surface area is 1.68 km (0.65 sq mi).

17. the fertilised eggs float just below the water surface.

18. This species feeds on smaller fish near the water surface.

19. A third of it (206 m) lies above the water surface.

20. Breaking the water surface reduces the speed in swimming.

21. These balls are designed to bounce on the water surface.

22. The water surface area is 1,389 ha (13.89 km).

23. The water surface is about 10 metres above sea level.

24. The drops will create a circle on the water surface.

25. They are carnivorous insects that hunt near the water surface.

26. The water surface of the lake is covered with lotuses.

27. Just then, lotuses appear all over the water surface.

28. It occurs at the water surface to depths of 73 m (240 ft).

29. The height of the water surface has changed little since then.

30. The water surface of Ojo de Mar below the sunny sky.