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the vocal cords in a sentence

1. The respiratory muscles move the vocal cords apart and serve breathing.

2. The pitch is altered with the vocal cords.

3. Advanced cases may undergo phonosurgery to remove the fluid from the vocal cords.

4. Throat (ENT) specialist or an Otolaryngologist by examination of the vocal cords.

5. There are risks of damage to the vocal cords and destabilization of the epiglottis.

6. The underlying mechanism involves irritation of the vocal cords.

7. In the operation, the larynx and the vocal cords are removed completely.

8. (as in year) pronounced without vibration of the vocal cords.

9. The posterior cricoarytenoid muscles are the only muscles to open the vocal cords.

10. These allow and aid in the vocal cords' movement.

11. The vocal cords may also develop nodules.

12. Swallowed button cells can damage the vocal cords.

13. Increasing tension on the vocal cords is one of the means of raising pitch.

14. DuMond had been suffering from cancer of the vocal cords.

15. The vocal cords then oscillate as a result.

16. OR T3: the tumor is more than 4 cm and is affecting the vocal cords.

17. He was the first to film motion pictures of the larynx and the vocal cords.

18. Type I clefts extend down to the vocal cords;

19. Type II clefts extend below the vocal cords and into the cricoid cartilage;

20. It kept the vocal cords open.

21. It plays an important role in the vibration of the vocal cords.

22. In 1984, Veselin underwent two operations of the vocal cords and left Impuls.

23. Speech is produced from the vibrations in the vocal cords.

24. The lungs draws in air to produce vibrations in the vocal cords.

25. This creates vibrations in the vocal cords to produce sound.

26. The pressure of the air opens the vocal cords.

27. The contraction and relaxation of the vocal cords also impacts the pitch of sound.

28. The vestibular cords are mucosal folds that sit above the vocal cords.

29. Below the vocal cords in this larynx are large ulcerations.

30. of the vocal cords, the roaring only betrays the gentility of the cat.