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the vocal chorus in a sentence

1. In anurans, males usually arrive at the breeding sites before females and the vocal chorus they produce may stimulate ovulation in females and the endocrine activity of males that are not yet reproductively active.

2. Country music historian Bill Malone noted that while it was in many ways a conventional country song, its arrangement and the vocal chorus "put this recording in the country-pop vein".

3. For the album sessions, Colón assembled a solid lineup that consisted of Willie's band, as well as Rubén Blades (and in at least two songs, Héctor Lavoe) as part of the vocal chorus section.

4. Also, Korn applied a small musical change away from Sexart's version, which landed under the vocal chorus "I'm so blind" lyric.

5. In 1920, Pearl and Violet (Hamiltons), were also part of the vocal chorus.

6. The first verse set the tone: "Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone/Let's pretend that we're together all alone/I'll tell the man to turn the juke box way down low/And you can tell your friend there with you he'll have to go." Country music historian Bill Malone noted that "He'll Have to Go" in most respects represented a conventional country song, but its arrangement and the vocal chorus "put this recording in the country pop vein."

7. In the 1920s and early 1930s, Lambert was one of the most prolific 'band vocalists' (hired to sing the vocal chorus on recordings by both performing Orchestras and studio groups).

8. While the instrumentalists were mostly drawn from the classical world, the vocal chorus contained former Shrubbies concert-mates and collaborators from the Fortnams' time on the London art rock circuit.

9. The ensemble has performed songs and compositions written or co-written by Drake (including his setting of "Mimnermus in Church") and Drake has performed with them as both pianist and member of the vocal chorus.

10. The big band arrangement featured guitarist Muzzy Marcellino singing the vocal chorus and The Debutantes, a vocal trio, singing the verses.

11. largely because the vocal chorus (who sound as if they're occupying a middle ground between doo wop and barbershop quartet) is in such stark contrast to Cash's lead vocal."

12. The vocal chorus is sung by Peter Bjørnskov.

13. Bush reserved criticism for the vocal chorus that appears on the album.

14. The vocal chorus was primarily sung by three of the band members: Ami Kusakari, Emi Okazaki and Motoharu Iwadera, with drummer Keiichi Ejima adding additional lower vocals to certain sections.

15. He leads the vocal chorus through 33 familiar items and he has a way that makes it easy to join along.” Billboard liked it. "Of course, this is imitation, as are so many of the recent sing-along sets, but it is a first-rate one due to the presence of the old master, Bing Crosby.

16. The mid-tempo disco version of "God Rest You Merry Gentlemen" is semi-instrumental with the vocal chorus singing.

17. The vocal chorus from 1983 track "Memories Fade" by English pop rock band Tears for Fears is repurposed within the song.