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the victories in a sentence

121. Most notable of the victories against the occupying forces were the battles of Neretva and Sutjeska.

122. However the victories came at a great cost and the Xia found itself short of manpower and supplies.

123. The Champs-Élysées ends at the Arc de Triomphe, built to honour the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte.

124. The victories over the Hòa Hảo and the Bình Xuyên were the zenith of Minh's battlefield career.

125. One of the victories was over Amos Johnson, who had recently defeated British champion Henry Cooper.

126. Notable actions in Italy include the victories in the Battle of Monte Cassino, Ancona and Bologna.

127. Profits from the "Victories Rosé" went towards charities that supported research towards breast cancer.

128. The victories of the respective nations greatly raised the morale of their sailors during the conflict.

129. He also wrote an essay enumerating the victories in 1792 entitled Record of Ten Completions (十全记).

130. In spite of the victories, the development of the Gnostic Movement was not without dramatic setbacks.

131. What was new was the use of a land army to follow up and profit from the victories gained by the navy.

132. I believe the victories I have earned up to now can contribute to giving the right value to my name."

133. Moreover, although his armies achieved many battlefield victories, the victories were short-lived.

134. Schiaffino won three national championships with Milan, the victories being in 1955, 1957 and 1959.

135. Upon being recalled by Dick Advocaat, Kerzhakov scored in the victories over Ireland and Macedonia.

136. Players are taken to be evenly matched at two ranks apart if the victories are evenly divided at sen;

137. The victories helped Marseille maintain its first-place position and Valbuena was praised by Deschamps.

138. After the victories of Goguryeo over the Sui Dynasty, infighting occurred within the Goguryeo Court.

139. The victories of Tucumán and Salta allowed the recovery of the Upper Perú by the revolutionaries.

140. it covered the time from the death of Christ to the victories of Constantine and Licinius (312 and 313).

141. The victories broke a string of two consecutive defeats in the district title game to the same teams.

142. As a result, Zhang requested that a monument be erected to commemorate the victories over the Huigu.

143. Houdet won two titles in the 2013 season with the victories achieved in Johannesburg and Sardinia.

144. By meeting with him, Truman could emphasize his own part in the victories, as Commander-in-Chief.

145. Faut collected two of the victories, while Wagoner led all-hitters with a .600 average (6-for-10).

146. The JLP won a slim majority, but immediately faced challenges in the victories of two of their members.

147. The victories of Kashmir, Peshwar and Multan were celebrated by naming three newborns after them.

148. It was completed in 1626 to commemorate the victories of Ferdinand I of Tuscany over the Ottomans.

149. In many cases, the victories were attained by German divisions, with Bulgarian assistance in the south.

150. Each wrestler finished 1–1 against the other medalists, with all of the victories by split decision.