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the vertebrae in a sentence

1. It is protected by the vertebrae.

2. The vertebrae and ribs develop from the sclerotomes.

3. The vertebrae were enormous even for sauropods;

4. The vertebrae were short and massive, even in the neck.

5. or distraction (pulling apart of the vertebrae).

6. The vertebrae were complex and rather weak.

7. The discs are cushions between the vertebrae.

8. The collision broke three of the vertebrae in his neck.

9. The vertebrae attach to the carapace.

10. Usually all the vertebrae are counted.

11. The vertebrae are procoelian;

12. The vertebrae of the back are not pneumatised.

13. Spondylopathies are disorders of the vertebrae.

14. The vertebrae are around twenty centimetres long.

15. Most of the pathologies occurred on the vertebrae.

16. thus, the vertebrae would have been quite massive.

17. All the vertebrae but the fifth are fused together.

18. The vertebrae are joined by hourglass-shaped surfaces.

19. The vertebrae were not heavily pneumatised.

20. There are no traces of rings on the vertebrae.

21. who have disc shaped circular centra of the vertebrae.

22. The vertebrae of the tail were unusually massive;

23. Only the vertebrae and pelvis are known.

24. The vertebrae number between 42 and 44 in the genus.

25. As it heals, the vertebrae grow together and fuse.

26. The sides of the vertebrae are likewise weakly concave;

27. The vertebrae were complex and rather weak.

28. The vertebrae were robust.

29. The ribs are fused to the vertebrae.

30. The ribs had a double-headed joint with the vertebrae.