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the vent in a sentence

1. The vent is yellow.

2. The rump is white while the vent is red.

3. the area around the vent is usually gray.

4. The vent and tail-tip are rufous.

5. yellow markings about the vent and tail."

6. The vent is orange yellow.

7. The middle of the body to the vent is buffy white.

8. The vent was 2 km (1.2 mi) west of today's center.

9. A tuff ring surrounds the vent.

10. The vent is buffy-brown.

11. the vent region is suffused by orange-pink.

12. A pair of light lines are flanking the vent.

13. The vent is white.

14. The vent and undertail coverts are white.

15. The vent is white.

16. The vent is frequently buff with few markings.

17. The crown and nape are grey and the vent is dark.

18. The volcanic neck of the vent is now collapsed.

19. The vent should then be screwed shut.

20. If fresh, the vent will be close and dark.

21. The vent was inadequate, a larger flue needed.

22. It measured about 60 mm from the snout to the vent.

23. The vent and tail-tip are rufous.

24. 2 divers died attempting to explore the vent.

25. The vent and tail-tip are rufous.

26. The vent and tail-tip are rufous.

27. The pectoral fins extend to the vent.

28. A prominent skin fold overhangs the vent.

29. The vent is considerably intact.

30. No. 24 is the western cottage to the vent shaft.