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the valleys in a sentence

1. Plains rise to the north of the valleys.

2. The soil of the valleys is fertile.

3. The valleys filled with sediment.

4. The Valleys GVA per capita (£12,071).

5. The Valley or The Valleys may refer to:

6. the valleys are excluded.

7. Sea of clouds often fill the valleys.

8. Parataniwha is common in the valleys.

9. The valleys of Timia.

10. The valleys still support some agriculture.

11. The village is in the valleys of Zselic.

12. Rice production is confined to the valleys.

13. And I knew about rugby and the Valleys."

14. While others fled into the valleys.

15. Prunus amygdalus are grown in the valleys.

16. Peat occurs in the valleys.

17. The valleys dry up in summer.

18. The valleys join at the south end.

19. these are chiefly grown along the valleys.

20. Grown in the valleys and plains.

21. In the valleys there is dense vegetation.

22. They have other names in the valleys.

23. Below is a list of the valleys of Bhutan:

24. The valleys in this range are narrow.

25. The valleys in this range are narrow.

26. Cold air collects in the valleys.

27. The valleys provided abundant game.

28. In the valleys, hunter-gatherers lived.

29. There are poplar forests in the valleys.

30. The river weaves through the valleys.