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the trigger event in a sentence

1. Experiments have shown the importance of temperature, but the trigger event, especially in arid regions, is often a storm.

2. It seems that the trigger event would be the spontaneous arising of self-replicating entities or the phenomenon of heredity.

3. In 1995 Unser, along with teammate Emerson Fittipaldi, failed to qualify at Indianapolis, and he would later point to this as the trigger event for his descent into alcoholism and the breakup of his marriage.

4. The publication of the Zimmermann Telegram is generally credited as the trigger event which brought American into the Great War.

5. The original first draft script called for the death of Magneto (which was illustrated by Neal Adams before his departure from the project), which would be the trigger event for the X-Men to begin investigating Stryker.

6. The trigger event is usually the input waveform reaching some user-specified threshold voltage (trigger level) in the specified direction (going positive or going negative—trigger polarity).

7. It does this by taking one sample from each successive repetition of the input waveform, each sample being at an increased time interval from the trigger event.

8. The event was widely cited as the trigger event for July 2009 Ürümqi riots, which ostensibly started as a peaceful street protest demanding official action over the two Uyghurs who died in Shaoguan.

9. Usually the trigger event is a system failure or detection of operating conditions considered dangerously out of the normal range.

10. Whenever the trigger event occurs, the ability is put on the stack the next time a player would receive priority and stays there until it's countered, it resolves, or it otherwise leaves the stack.

11. This sense of rise of nationhood and of its cultural identity has been observed since the Ukraine crisis of 2014, which can be argued as the trigger event for Kazakhstan to rethink their migratory policies as well as their idea on promoting and strengthening further the nation-building program.

12. This causes them to occur at apparently random times relative to the trigger event.

13. The advantage of this technique over sequential equivalent-time sampling is that the scope can collect data from before the trigger event as well as after it, in a similar way to the pre-trigger function of most real-time digital storage scopes.

14. A possibility of a dynamic sequence exists—conversion occurs at different pre-specified thresholds of the trigger event.

15. In case the trigger event occurs, conversion of debt into equity drives down company's leverage.

16. It acts as a wide-band receiver for the radar and is uniquely capable of providing the time difference between the sample clock and the trigger event with 10 ps resolution.