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the top league in a sentence

1. The X-League is the top league in Japan.

2. In 2000, they were relegated from the top league.

3. They have never won the top league.

4. In Vienna, he played in the top league.

5. The Top League is a rugby union competition in Japan.

6. Now they are keeping the middle place of the Top League.

7. He was voted the MVP of the Top League in 2007.

8. Super League is the top league for the game in Europe;

9. The club returned to the top league next season.

10. In 2007, the Osaka Dingoes joined the Top League.

11. That year, the top league expanded to 12 clubs.

12. It is played between the top teams of the Top League.

13. Previously it was known as the Top League.

14. Team in bold currently competes in the top league.

15. In 1968, Vulkāns was relegated from the top league.

16. In the Top League.

17. Back to the top league of the country again in 2010.

18. From the Top League.

19. Paterlini debuted in the top league in 1996 for SC Bern.

20. The winners remain in the top league.

21. it has one team in the top league – KH Kastrioti.

22. After his first season in the Top League.

23. the top league scorer was Fred Groves, with seven goals.

24. Vasas ended an 8-year stay in the top league.

25. Zalaegerszeg ended an 18-year stay in the top league.

26. Currently there are 4 teams in the top league.

27. He played in the top league of KVN Ukrainian.

28. He won the Top League in both 2015 and 2016.

29. The club promoted to the top league in 2016 season.

30. Second teams of clubs in the top league cannot promote.