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the supply in a sentence

1. making the supply of these nuts scarce.

2. future sales through the supply chain.

3. The supply ship went under.

4. The demand is greater than the supply.

5. Okotoks became the supply centre.

6. the supply and training of the clergy;

7. The Supply &

8. the supply and demand for labour;

9. the Supply Blue "E" in 2001 and 2006;

10. The supply organization was lacking.

11. The supply could last for four years.

12. The supply company now trades as npower.

13. And the supply-Mess officer, Ens.

14. The Supply &

15. most of the supply comes from wells.

16. The supply depot was never built;

17. The extent of the supply was unknown.

18. The extent of the supply was unknown.

19. the supply problem was at its worst.

20. prevent the supply of acetic anhydride;

21. Conquer, on the Supply &

22. But the supply remained uncertain.

23. Other services include the supply &

24. The supply of ammunition small.

25. the Garage; and the Supply Depot.

26. With 20 years in the supply chain &

27. Managing the Supply Chain.

28. Hence the supply for plantains stop.

29. how the supply chain forms;

30. But the supply is not inexhaustible.