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the substrate in a sentence

1. It must be able to wet the substrate.

2. Sometimes the substrate loses a proton.

3. These extend to contact the substrate.

4. The substrate should be rich in nutrients.

5. First, the substrate should be sand.

6. The substrate is not important.

7. The hyphae grow mostly within the substrate.

8. The substrate for the reaction is meldonium.

9. 6) good adherence to the substrate.

10. It is spawns on to the substrate.

11. Eggs are broadcast over the substrate.

12. food is mainly taken from the substrate.

13. The substrate is leaf litter and mud.

14. It also burrows into the substrate.

15. The eggs are laid in the substrate.

16. Females lay into the substrate.

17. The substrate is typically soft, silty mud.

18. The substrate is limestone.

19. In Elguea-Urkilla the substrate changes;

20. The substrate is sand covered in muck.

21. The substrate is yellow sand.

22. The substrate is clay over limestone.

23. the preparation of the substrate;

24. two for FAD and two for the substrate.

25. The substrate is limestone and serpentine.

26. Stands upright on the substrate.

27. It is cemented to the substrate.

28. many are not attached to the substrate.

29. The substrate is the material acted upon.

30. those from underneath enter the substrate.