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the string in a sentence

1. is not part of the string.

2. The string "Hello World!"

3. will be read as the string "123".

4. chord from the string quartet.

5. The string bearer is bar-shaped.

6. The string bearer is a board.

7. x means mute the string.

8. The string is the stream;

9. Output the string CR, LF, Null;

10. The string pyc can refer to:

11. of the length of the string.

12. For instance the string.

13. the String Poppers, Billy &

14. the string guard was removed;

15. He gets the string.

16. x means mute the string.

17. In System 6, the string "Help!

18. The virus has the string "Bloody!

19. The string is called theru.

20. The String Quintet in E♭

21. The string length is 41½ inches.

22. The string bearer is bar shaped.

23. The string bearer is a board.

24. The string "Hello World!"

25. We have our arrows on the string.

26. The String Theory.

27. the string part, whatever.

28. the String Army.

29. The String Quartet in E♭

30. The String Theory.