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the sovereign in a sentence

1. the currency is called the "sovereign".

2. The pope is the sovereign of the state.

3. that reason is the Sovereign of the World;

4. The sovereign functioned as its president;

5. this was adapted for the sovereign.

6. The apex of the nobility is the sovereign.

7. The Sovereign is the Commander-in-Chief.

8. also brother or sister of the sovereign.

9. Coronet of a son of the sovereign.

10. Coronet of a grandson of the sovereign.

11. Finally the Sovereign of Belfast, Rev.

12. the currency is called the "sovereign".

13. He was again the sovereign of the Levant.

14. The Sovereign trim was added in 1977.

15. In 1985, the Sovereign VIP trim was added.

16. and the sovereign state of Bangladesh.

17. Only the sovereign could propose laws.

18. the sovereign is the returning officer.

19. By the Sovereign's Command.

20. He was the sovereign of the Big Island.

21. the Sovereign has been insulted;

22. First, Parliament is the sovereign entity.

23. The sovereign clouds came clustering.

24. (see: The Sovereign Asian Art Prize).

25. The Security of the Sovereign Act (1 Geo.

26. The Sovereign Grant is exempted.

27. Long live the sovereign people!

28. even when the sovereign was ill.

29. the currency is called the "sovereign".

30. Power inheres in the sovereign.