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the sounding in a sentence

1. Dr. Suzuki referred to the sounding point as the Kreisler highway;

2. its parts are written two octaves below the sounding notes.

3. In the Guarani language, Itaipu means "the sounding stone".

4. The church's pulpit is from 1590-1600 and the sounding board from 1703.

5. Remembrance Sunday with the sounding of The Last Post and The Silence.

6. Historically the sounding line was used.

7. Following the sounding of "Taps", the Corps of Cadets dismisses in silence.

8. Push off, and sitting well in order smite The sounding furrows;

9. Deveau ventured an explanation based on the sounding rod found on deck.

10. therefore, the words are often repeated after the sounding of the gragger).

11. plains Repeat the sounding joy.

12. He followed it with The Sounding Board (1935).

13. A separate bell joint is added to extend the sounding length.

14. The round instead ends straightaway upon the sounding of the time out klaxon.

15. Dr. Suzuki referred to the sounding point as the "Kreisler highway";

16. Intricate woodwork on the sounding board above the pulpit.

17. Decorations on the sounding board above the pulpit.

18. These tines are held down to the sounding board by two bolted crossbars.

19. One tool that helped them was the sounding weight.

20. A more advanced version of the sounding weight is the gravity corer.

21. The Sounding Sky urban reserve is the second urban reserve in Saskatoon.

22. The Sounding Board was ended on August 31, 2017.

23. The college newspaper, The Sounding Board, is published biweekly.

24. Movement stops at the sounding of the hour.

25. All the sounding pipes are swellable.

26. A minute's silence was observed before the sounding of the Last Post.

27. New mints leases were originally announced by the sounding of trumpets.

28. The sounding board above the stage is clad in stained plywood.

29. The sound of pipe organs come from the sounding device of pipes.

30. The pulpit is from 1600 and the sounding board from around 1700.