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the servitude in a sentence

1. After the servitude was over, as per his father's order, he travelled to the Vale of Tempe to bath in waters of Peneus.

2. 'The servitude they are to accept is that they are to be humiliated (nivzim) and put down at the lowest (social) status.

3. albeit, as Tacitus notes, for the cynical reason of pacifying the aggressive tribes in Britannia for the servitude of Rome.

4. Nip tells Ning her story of how she became eternally bound to the servitude of a sinister Tree Demoness.

5. It calls Ford a Darwinian zealot who exploited the servitude Kettlewell to get him his desired experimental results.

6. The tenants were considered to be in the servitude of the jagirdar.

7. In 1197 they abolished the servitude of the glebe.

8. Abravanel concluded that the servitude of animalistic black Africans should be perpetual."

9. The servitude is a Federal power, not an individual right.

10. When Niall grew up he returned to Tara and rescued his mother from the servitude Mongfind had placed her under.

11. Rademeyer successfully applied to the government to have the servitude struck.

12. albeit, as Tacitus notes, for the cynical reason of pacifying the aggressive tribes in Britannia for the servitude of Rome.

13. Viviane trains Morgaine to gain power of the elements, and in the servitude of the Three-fold Goddess.

14. They claimed that payment of permanent damages would constitute full compensation for the servitude placed on the land.

15. Richie gives himself the title "Richard Mary" and demands the servitude of the others.

16. in the vanguard came the standard of the Gods, signifying the servitude of the Assyrian Kings to their primary God Assur.

17. Initially the servitude was voluntary in many cases, as it offered protection to attach oneself to a powerful household.

18. Having to leave Argyll, he took under the servitude of the Earl in Menteith, who in return awarded him a farm in Inchanoch.

19. Devayani comes back to capital along with her father and enjoys the servitude of Sharmistha.

20. The question is whether or not the value derived from the dominant tenement is enhanced by the servitude.

21. The terms of the agreement will provide for the nature, scope and extent of the servitude;

22. the price to be paid by the owner of the dominant tenement as a consideration for the grant of the servitude;

23. and the duration of the servitude.

24. The agreement gives rise to a personal right to claim registration of the servitude.

25. He is an undead evil sorcerer bound to the servitude of four malevolent, godlike entities known as the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

26. The servitude that weighed on the indigenous class could not be freed if the latifundium was not finished first.

27. Peasants opposed the servitude - the right to grazing.

28. Inside it still preserves the demarcation which previously limited the space reserved for the hosts from the servitude.

29. Said battle as well is their first victory during their time under the servitude of Dan/Seven.

30. The requirements are: After the 20 year prescriptive period concludes, the existence of the servitude is beyond legal challenge.