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the sensible in a sentence

1. he later said that drama school "wasn't considered the sensible thing to do at 18".

2. the sensible sign by which his presence is revealed.

3. At that point, the sensible thing to do was to ship them off to a POW camp.

4. Marriage to Mangan will be the sensible choice.

5. The sensible choice of colour will retard the process, such as specifying black strap.

6. The sensible thing for Peter to do is to head for the Emerald City;

7. § 32. Former philosophers claimed that the sensible world was an illusion.

8. Reason uses Ideas that are beyond the sensible world as analogies of sensible objects.

9. The surface area is the medium for the sensible energy transfer.

10. The sensible properties are extracted by alcohol and boiling water.

11. Set in a boarding house run by the sensible Mrs.

12. He is Director of Civil Society Australia and Convenor of The Sensible Centre.

13. We made the sensible business decision."

14. It is a part of human nature to acquire knowledge of the intelligible from the sensible.

15. And thirdly, let's have the sensible controls on immigration.

16. By this kind of consolation the soul is raised above the sensible faculties;

17. Of Speed and Conor, Lucy is the sensible one of the group.

18. Beauty is determined as the sensible shining of the Idea.

19. Carter is entranced with the sensible, earnest Helene.

20. Crawford co-sponsored the Sensible Environmental Protection Act.

21. The sensible ones lend a sort of bogus credence to the less sensible".

22. Aidan McGuire is the chief executive officer of The Sensible Code Company.

23. It does so by working within Ranciere's notion of the partition of the sensible.

24. Tori is the sensible member of the team and a feisty tomboy with a kind heart.

25. Blue under the Sensible Records (3) label.

26. It pleases you with its seriousness and the sensible, unfussy use of background music.

27. face of these alarming facts and scary stories, what is the sensible thing to do?

28. The sensible husband comforted his families.

29. still the object of sense, although the sensible is abstract and idealised.

30. Deleuze's immanent idea of the sensible is very important to esthetics research.