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the sediment in a sentence

1. The sediment is scooped out and stored.

2. The sediment is used for smearing.

3. the winter not frozen, and the sediment content small.

4. Further out into the ocean the sediment becomes finer.

5. However, little of the sediment is from current rivers;

6. The sediment would be treated at an off-site facility.

7. The sediment was deposited in the Sverdrup Basin.

8. The sediment beds reside in a sharply-folded syncline.

9. These reefs trap the sediment.

10. The sediment in the water can also become contaminated.

11. These clams live buried in the sediment on tidal flats.

12. They change the physical state of the sediment.

13. where 'ws' is the sediment fall velocity.

14. The Sediment Retention Structure on the North Fork.

15. When the sediment is added, the rice ball becomes dark.

16. These rapidly sink to the sediment.

17. It makes up 4.3% of the sediment thickness recovered.

18. With low velocity the sediment will deposit.

19. these fish search for food by digging in the sediment.

20. The sediment-water interface is clear.

21. They are formed when the sediment is deposited.

22. Most of the sediment however is quartz sand.

23. The sediment or sludge that remained was allec.

24. The sediment is mostly quartz arenite.

25. Dredging the sediment is also being considered.

26. The crown is held up to 15 cm (6 in) above the sediment.

27. It often partly buries itself in the sediment.

28. Bacteria are also found in the sediment.

29. At first the sediment has 50 to 60 percent porosity;

30. The sediment was probably deposited in rivers.