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the sea monster in a sentence

1. Domenico Guidi, Andromeda and the Sea Monster, 1694.

2. He helped Heracles fight Laomedon and/or the sea monster attacking Troy and died in the battle.

3. He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa for Polydectes and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus.

4. When Brand began her career in comedy, she went by the stage name the "Sea Monster".

5. The quartet then puts on their diving suits and they fight the sea monster they seek.

6. The sea monster comes from a tradition beginning with Lully's Persée in 1682.

7. April, Casey, and Karai arrive at the tower with the Sea Monster.

8. The Sea Monster crashes into the Generals, dragging them into the portal before it closes.

9. This time Rainbow Mothra's new form allows him to overpower the sea monster.

10. It is the traditional site of the sea monster Scylla of Greek mythology.

11. The sea monster Iku-Turso rises and burns a haystack.

12. The picture on the back cover is his The Sea Monster (Das Meerwunder), dating from 1498.

13. The objective is to save Andromeda from the sea-monster Ceto.

14. Andromeda was chained to a rock and left for the sea monster.

15. The Sea Monster lives in the moat around Scare School.

16. Alland then wrote story notes titled "The Sea Monster" 10 years later.

17. A messenger delivered the news that Perseus had successfully defeated the sea monster.

18. Andromeda was chained naked to rocks by the coast, awaiting the sea monster.

19. It is also referred to as Hercules vs the Sea Monster in reference books.

20. Act 3: Persée rescues the rock-bound Andromède from the Sea Monster.

21. So he goes out and sees the Sea Monster eating one of the Trolls.

22. The Trolls celebrate the victory over the Sea Monster and eat it. Brakebein spots an Island.

23. While returning from the island, they encounter the sea monster, which attacks their fleet.

24. After shrinking the sea monster down, the duo gets back to their book once more.

25. Everyone, including the two fantastic animals and the sea monster, joins in. Notes Sources

26. The name means "crocodile" in modern Hebrew, but can also mean the sea monster "tannin".

27. The King slays the sea monster but dies from his wounds.

28. Detail of the sea monster.

29. As the two head west, the sea monster attacks the lifeboat, eventually dragging Jenn away.

30. Among the members of the Sea Monster Army are: