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the same friend in a sentence

1. He failed an ATP drug test, but wrote a letter claiming the same friend had spiked a drink.

2. He also had talks with the same friend about the need for a new organisation to replace the Soviet regime.

3. The same friend reported in a letter that Columbus sent him one of the captured indigenous women, whom he raped.

4. On one occasion in 1957, the same friend witnessed an incident at the Gacy household when Gacy's father began shouting at his son for no reason, then began hitting him.

5. The article further states that the same friend gave him a $6,875 furnace for his own home for only $6,000, which Moreau said he paid 'in cash'. The friend in question, Michael G. Bouthillette, was a campaign contributor to Moreau's multiple re-election campaigns.

6. At this young age Pollock and the same friend, Jane Hickman, created "The Secret Two Club", for they both shared the desire to be writers, instead of housewives or teachers like the women around them.

7. I have also at various times been favored with specimens of other birds from the same friend, for all which I return my grateful acknowledgments."

8. After a hard-fought battle to obtain a seat on HRT's board of directors, and his purchase of even more of HRT's stock, a Weinberg proxy (the same friend) was elected to the HRT board in 1957.

9. Soon after a close friend of his (the same friend who had earlier been imprisoned by the Gestapo, and in whose apartment both Borowski and his fiancée had been arrested) was imprisoned and tortured by the Communists.

10. According to the Hikayat Hang Tuah, it was Hang Jebat who avenged his friend's death, only to be killed by the same friend, but according to Sejarah Melayu, it was Hang Kasturi.

11. The same friend writes, Alas, with what sadness his friends came to know that while he was doing so much to warn and restore others from the effects of this fearful habit, he himself was still under its bondage.

12. After training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) for a year, the same friend then got him into the Battle of the Masters, an MMA tournament held in Chicago in 1995.

13. Then he transferred to Yapı ve Kredi Bankası to become its general manager, a much larger bank in Turkey acquired that year by the same friend.

14. However, Shanti finds out, tries to reconcile with him after realizing her mistake, but doesn't because she sees him with the same friend who took advantage of them earlier.

15. Haushofer commented a year later in a letter to the same friend: I am extremely industrious.

16. Later that night he awoke with a feeling of claustrophobia and injured himself slightly, while blundering about in a very confused state in search of the toilet, having finally to be physically restrained and locked in his room by the same friend.

17. After returning from Chicago, Ford wrote to the same friend: "Had a swell time in Chicago and didn't see Sally Rand either.

18. After serving his time, he is set up in his own plantation in the Caribbean the same friend.

19. In 1910, Mr. Zinner received a black bear from the same friend and once again, it was given to Hershey.

20. The same friend who aided these guys expects a favor from them — kill his brother-in-law for murdering his sister.

21. Lua Getsinger, in another letter to the same friend, reclaimed her spiritual and feminine power in the face of her accuser, after she received ʻAbdu'l Bahá’s(sic) support.

22. Some time after leaving his master's studio the same friend who had assisted in placing him there afforded him the benefit of a tour through Scotland.

23. On another occasion the same Friend, on re-entering an asylum at York, requested a private interview with the superintendent, which being granted, and the two sitting for a little while in silence, the new inmate suddenly exclaimed that he had been thinking of the precept, " Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might," and forthwith he struck the superintendent violently.

24. She commented a year later to the same friend: I am extremely industrious.

25. After returning from Chicago, Ford wrote to the same friend: "Had a swell time in Chicago and didn't see Sally Rand either.

26. The same friend places him in Masani village, a coastal town of Poso, in 2012, where Santoso supposedly suddenly turned up during a daurah [koran reading]. Later, Santoso went to Tamanjeka where he met Bado, alias Urwah.

27. whisked to a different town in the summer of 1943 by the same friend Zofia who adopted the child (temporarily) under the false Christian name of Marianna Tymińska given by a Catholic priest.

28. The same friend said that Long also showed him a Washitaw Nation card and unsuccessfully urged him to join.

29. The same friend would give him his first MP3 CD with hip hop music on it which inspired him to start rapping in English.

30. He discovers that Nandini is the same friend Mauli keeps reminiscing about.