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the sailors in a sentence

1. The sailors also seized molasses and wool.

2. Flag used by the sailors of Normandy.

3. Later the sailors saw its tail as well.

4. and seeing what the sailors did there;

5. the sailors' home Broomielaw, Glasgow;

6. The sailors had no protective clothing.

7. Marina tells him the sailors were wrong.

8. Later the sailors saw its tail as well.

9. Later the sailors saw its tail as well.

10. the sailors cry;

11. they killed the sailors &

12. Iran reported that the sailors are well.

13. The sailors buried the bodies in the sand.

14. The sports teams are nicknamed the Sailors.

15. to help the sailors see.

16. The Sailors were swept in the first round.

17. All of the sailors survived.

18. Ariel fetches the sailors from the ship;

19. The sailors won 5 titles.

20. He was tossed overboard by the sailors.

21. The sailors manned all the pumps.

22. The sailors put on fezzes.

23. The sailors’ songs 1989.

24. The sailors are drunk at Christmas.

25. The sailors tugged the boat to shore.

26. The sailors heaved the anchor over boat.

27. The sailors abandoned the burning ship.

28. He rationed out the water to the sailors.

29. The sailors lowered a lifeboat.

30. The sailors sluiced the deck with hoses.